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The SükaSol philosophy


SükaSol is a mission-driven business dedicated to the supply of high quality Solar Energy solutions and helping to create an overall energy efficiency appreciation.

We are experts in economically greener heating; using Air Source heat pumps and electrical devices. These components can be combined with solar energy to make homes run on cost neutral energy usage.

SükaSol offer a wide range of products and components, while also providing training and consultation services. We have built up a number of special offers through our contacts, and are able to pass these opportunities on to installers.

We strongly believe in education, and to this end, invest 7.5% of all profits into the building of schools in West African countries such as Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Senegal and many more areas.

Easton Business Centre, Felix Road,
Bristol, BS5 0HE
Telephone: 0-117-941-5396
Whatsapp: 0-789-446-4796
Email: info@sukasol.co.uk