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Solar LED Garden light SS1

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The use of the power of the Sun during the night is a great challenge. The solar led lights of the SS family provide you with this facility. You may use SS 1 for lighting different public and private sites such as parks, alleys, garden, quays, etc.


• compact design – all components are in one common body.

• handiness for storage and transport.

• maximum efficiency in using the maximum sun lighting at the different


C e en61000-6-3:1997, en61000-6-1:1997

Quality assurance iso 9001:2000; aqap 2110

Light characteristics

Light source high intensity leds

Luminous flux 350 lm

Horizontal output 64 m2

Led life expectancy > 120 000 hours (27 years)

Management intelligent controller

Remote control yes

Autonomy 4 days operation in economical mode

Factory preset: 50 % illuminance decreasing after 4 hours till 1 h

Before dawn;

User specified: – illuminance decreasing 20 ÷ 90 %;

– dimming start 2 ÷ 8 hours;

– dimming stop 0.5 ÷ 3 h before dawn.

Power supply

Battery type lithium

Battery capacity 20 ah

Nominal voltage 6.6 v

Charging regulation integrated charge regulator

Battery life expectancy 13 years (5 000 charging cycles)

Solar characteristics


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