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Backup Single System Outback Flexpower One 3 kVA/24 V VFX 303.478

£ 3,292.35 each

3kW Flexpower one, pre-wired AC and DC boxes with 230VAC bypass, European outlet, 250A DC breaker, GFDI, 80 amp charge controller breaker, VFX 3024E, MATE2, HUB4, RTS, Flexmax 80, Flexnet DC and surge protector

The new FLEXpower TWO System accommodates all of the essential protective devices in an easy-to-install, fully pre-wired and factory tested dual inverter system. The FLEXpower TWO is ideal for applications with medium sized power requirements such as homes, light commercial or larger back-up power systems. Utilizing a compact design and an easy-to-install mounting plate, the FLEXpower TWO System can be mounted in either a horizontal or vertical orientation to allow installation in more space-limited locations and is designed for a quick installation, saving both time and money.


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