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Higher yield by texturing the surface of the module glass

In the quest to increase efficiency and reduce process costs, all components of a solar module are subject to ongoing further development. As system vendor, wholesaler and module manufacturer, Hannover-based alfasolar GmbH is a major driving force behind this development. Innovation has been the core of their mission statement and tagline "innovative solar systems" since the company was founded in 1993.

Early on, they recognized the potential of manipulating optical properties to decrease the losses resulting from unwanted reflection, while increasing transmission. Multi-faceted measures have already been implemented to achieve this goal. These include, among others:

  • Applying an anti-reflective coating to solar cellsto reduce the refractive index and partialreflections
  • Using high-quality glass with high degree oftransmission in module production
  • Applying microporous layers to the surface of theglass either by etching the glass or byepitaxy/depositing
  • Using textured glass

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