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Solar PV Organisations FAQs

  • Are there special incentives or grants for commercial projects? +

    Yes, there are. Sukasol has the knowledge and experience to navigate the complex incentive marketplace and will assist you as
  • What are my financing options? +

    Our clients typically choose one of two options.1) Finance on their own and take advantage of the appropriate government grants
  • What are Power Purchase Agreements? +

    A power purchase agreement, or PPA, is a legal contract between an electricity producer (the PPA) and a power purchaser
  • What is the Employee Green Benefits Programme? +

    Sukasol is pleased to partner with companies looking to add solar energy solutions to their employee benefits portfolio. Through the
  • Why should I work with Sukasol? +

    Sukasol has one of the most experienced design, build and project management teams in the solar industry. Our experience and
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