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Planning permission no longer required for non-domestic solar installations. This follows a new set of regulations under the permitted development rights that came into effect on April 6 this year.

It is remarkable because Sukasol remembers when it was about to install solar on the Shree swaminarayan Temple in Cardiff and the bureacracy it had to go through.  Details of this piece of news which has been gleaned from the solarpowerportal website can be found here: No more planning permission

Further details about the new regulations can be read from here: Town & Country planning

New mono-crystalline pyramid glass solar module "Made in Germany" with peak module efficiencies of 16.3% has gone into production at the alfasolar factory in Hannover.  

alfasolar GmbH will be showcasing the innovative 60 cell mono-crystalline module during this year's International Technology Fair in Hanover on 23- 27.4.2012 at Hannover Messe.

The new 60 monocrystalline silicon solar cells module is available in the power classes 250, 255 and 260 watts peak power ratings and is designed to reach peak efficiencies of up to 16.3 percent. With 260 watts peak power the 60 cell mono-crystalline alfasolar Pyramid module is the first solar panel of its type to be manufactured in Germany with such a high performance. The new alfasolar module combines the advantages of high efficiency mono-crystalline cells with the yield-enhancing properties of the glass structured Pyramid 3-dimensional sun collector.

The modules can be obtained from SukaSol.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change have decided to throw in the towel in their bid to enforce their timetable for feed-in-tariff cuts through the Supreme Court.

Having lost the High Court judgement early this year which said their attempt to end the tariff in its present form on December 12 2011, the Minister signalled their determination to get the ruling overturned in the Supreme Court. But the supreme Court refused to hear the case in March. This then means the tariff cut was not going to be pegged at the December 12 2011 deadline. It was therefore applicable for all installations up to 3 March 2012.

In the light of the rejection by the Supreme Court, the Secretary of State Ed Davey annouced that they now consider the ruling to have as drawn 'a line under case', adding that their focus will now be put on efforts to ensuring the future stability and cost effectiveness of solar for 'the many, not for the few'.

After 3 March 2012, the applicable rate is now 21p per kilowatt hour.

(News Source: Cibse Journal April 2012)

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